Deck Repair

It is no secret that deck repair can mean many things and every deck is not in need of the same repairs. However, weather it’s a tranquil deck in the back yard or a second story deck on a commercial condo, repairing a deck can be a hassle or a piece of cake, depending on what the project involves.

Wooden Decks

Because wood is the most susceptible material to the elements that can cause rotten, discolored or damaged decks, this is the most commonly known deck to need repairs. Thankfully, there are many ways to fix wooden decks by hiring an expert or doing it as a home repair project. Either way, deck repair is a common problem with lots of options for repairing the damages and costs will vary based on project.

Common Problems

Many deck repair problems can range from rotten boards to broken or loose railings to missing support posts. Whether it’s a DIY project or a contracted project, repairs needed are dictated by overall damages. Some common problems however can include boards and ledgers not properly fastened, missing nails and bolts, mildew that causes rotting, popped out screws and nails or other parts that need replacing.


Like that of other household hazards, there are many problems associated with repairing a deck that can eventually be dangerous to people using the deck or trying to fix it. For example, ledger boards that are loose and not tended to can eventually fall off the house they are connected to. Another example is that of loose railings that could eventually cause a railing to come off completely if not fixed. In light of this, it is in the deck owner’s best interest to make repairs as soon as they are needed.

Kinds of Decks

While decks are a valuable addition to any home, there is more than one kind of deck that may be in need of repairs. In fact, there are about five different kinds of decks and each one will have its own problems and solutions to repairing. Porch decks, pool decks, freestanding, second-story and the good old barbecue deck are the five different decks that most homeowners may find in need of repair.

Repair Variables

The kind of deck a homeowner has and the dimensions of the deck will determine how much a deck will cost to fix and whether or not the repair should be attempted by the homeowner or a professional. For obvious reasons, porches and decks attached to any home are in need of more experienced workers. Overall, unless the repair is a popped out nail or a loose railing, most decks should be inspected by professionals before repair is attempted.

At the end of the day, all decks in need of repair should likely have the audience of a professional before any work is begun, whether it is by the homeowner or an expert. Furthermore, every deck is built differently and for this reason, deck repairs and how they are fixed will vary as much as the decks themselves.